Unreal Engine GDC 2015

One of the most complex shows I have planned and managed so far. GDC is known for the meetings and business dev that happens, so meeting rooms were a given.  Add private VR rooms with 16 total VR demo pods, 9 licensees showing their own titles, 4 UE4 pods showcasing the Unreal Engine tools, 2 Unreal Tournament pods, an open air live broadcast stage showing demos every hour throughout the show broadcasting on Twitch, and a VIP lounge with complete food and beverage bar………….this is just the 80×50 2 floor booth space.  Now add  a Wednesday keynote and 6 full training sessions, an Educator summit, staff training day, Open bar party for anyone with a GDC badge, recruiting mixer and a staff dinner…..now we have a show!

Handling full design of the booth, pods holding our PCs, all private rooms, and offsite events while budgeting and staffing was a strange kind of fun! All I can say is I am alive and not a hitch was had!