Spec Ops: The Line Launch Event

In an effort to bring exclusive coverage of Spec Ops: The Line multiplayer, 2K Games trusted in Kona’s Korner Productions to be the medium to feature their new third-person shooter. 2K Games also brought in six of the top viewed gamers from Youtube and Twitch.tv to help promote, demonstrate, and critique 2K’s new military based video game. Kona and his team delivered an outstanding LIVE stream by connecting the gaming stations, which allowed for the viewing community to watch all of the sand blowing action conveniently and in the safety of their own home. Switching from different views and showcasing each gaming personality, fans were able to cheer and explore the new multiplayer modes and maps with their favorite Youtuber or Streamer.

Kona’s Korner Productions also provided in depth interviews with the developers as well as first hand impressions from Ernest Le, FuzzyOtterBalls, CrReam, Optic Di3sel, TmarTn, and GoldGlove about 2K’s new shooter. Interviewing the makers of Spec Ops: The Line as well as receiving feedback from popular gamers from the Youtube and Twitch gaming communities is highly valuable and was the ground work that helped pave the way for 2K’s Twitch.tv channel to reach over 1 million views and amass over 48,000 unique users in just three hours.

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