Gearbox Software Community Day 2012

Gearbox Software recently held their annual Community Day, a free to attend event that celebrates the history of the studio, their massive fan base, and a look at things to come. This year’s event was all about the launch of Borderlands 2 and Kona’s Korner Productions was on hand to provide LIVE coverage of the festivities.

With the overwhelming success of Borderlands, it’s no surprise that Gearbox wanted to bring it big for the second title in the game’s franchise. With the ever growing popularity in live streaming, the decision to expand this celebration outside the confines of the typical “four walls” proved to be a successful venture. Kona’s Korner Productions was on hand to do just that, rounding up over 700,000 views in less than 6 hours!

Hosted by 2K Games’ personalities Greg, Sasha, and Ronnie2K, Kona and his crew brought you an in depth look at Borderlands 2 with never before seen gameplay and exclusive interviews. It was an industry star studded event that included such special guests as Morgan Webb (from G4TV), Adam Sessler (former host of XPlay), Jo Garcia (Playboy’s 2008 Cyber Girl of the Year), and Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford.

Whether it’s gameplay footage in high definition or exclusive interviews with developers, the team at Kona’s Korner Productions prove once again why they are the industry leader in transforming any event from the ordinary to the extraordinary.