2K Games: The Darkness II

In preparation for the February 7, 2012 release of The Darkness II, 2K Games called upon Kona and his streaming expertise to preview and talk about 2K’s new game at their San Francisco studio. While surpassing an astounding 155,000 views in just under two hours, Kona and the developers showcased the game while taking questions from the community. In addition to gaining valuable feedback from viewers, Kona also demonstrated the PC version four-player co-op mode, “Vendettas,” with Dan, 2K Games Assistant Producer. For the first time ever, “Vendettas” was played before a live audience and a positive reaction was instantly received.

Achieving immediate gratification from your clients, customers, and colleagues is priceless for your company and your brand. This is the power of a live event. To view an example of this, below is a recap of 2K’s The Darkness II event featuring what Kona can bring to your live production.