2K Games PAX East 2012

PAX East is one of the biggest gaming conventions of the year and 2K Games, publisher of popular titles such as Borderlands, The Darkness II, and more, wanted to show the world four new explosive titles that will rock the gaming industry coming soon to consoles and PC. With a successful live stream of 2K Games’ recent title The Darkness II, 2K called upon the professionalism of the Kona’s Korner Production team once again to host, produce, and interview some of the most popular games in the industry.

With the Master Broadcaster himself, Shawn “Kona” Warbiany, taking center stage on the showroom floor, Kona delivered key insight and commentary on 2K’s upcoming titles Borderlands 2, Spec Ops: The Line, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and the Civilization V expansion pack, Gods and Kings.

Not only did Kona talk about the latest in 2K’s gaming arsenal, but he also orchestrated two sky cams, one above the Borderlands 2 booth and one above the Spec Ops: The Line booth. Kona’s Korner Productions also managed to stream exclusive never-before-seen LIVE footage of Borderlands 2 and Spec Ops: The Line gameplay. As a result, 2K Games’ fans were able to watch, chat, and communicate with Kona and 2K’s Senior Manager of Interactive Marketing, Elizabeth Tobey. This, in turn, allowed the fans to receive instantaneous responses to questions and provide immediate reactions to the footage of both video games.

Taking advantage of the LIVE stream, Kona was able to showcase and rebroadcast the XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Civilization V expansion pack Gods and Kings panels for PC gamers. Live interviews were also conducted with some of the most talented writers in the gaming industry. For example, Kona had the privilege to meet and interview Walt Williams, the lead writer for 2K Games latest shooter, Spec Ops: The Line.

From mobile cameras to skycams, stream support to editing videos for playback, to custom built graphics for channel pages, Kona’s Korner Productions does it all. During PAX East 2012, 2K Games was able to gain over 200,000 unique users in three days for their website and over 950,000 views on their Twitch.tv/2K channel. This is the power of a Kona’s Korner Production while streaming LIVE in front of thousands of potential customers and clients. How can Kona’s Korner Productions meet your company’s needs?