2K Games E3 2012

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is arguably the most popular and sought-after video game show of the year. In fact, there were over 40,000 industry professionals in attendance this year and that is not including all of the LIVE streams, broadcasts, and interviews. In other words, a lot of people saw what the video game industry would be releasing in the near future. How many of those views were yours?

2K Games and 2K Sports were on hand at E3 to exhibit several new titles to gamers and sports fans. Borderlands 2, Spec Ops: The Line, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and NBA2K13 were all featured on the convention floor. Utilizing the latest in broadcast technology, the team at Kona’s Korner Productions was able to produce the best footage from the expo and showcase it to thousands of viewers via a LIVE stream.

From interviewing the developers of Comedy Central’s new game, Indecision, to Ronnie2K’s celebrity interview with Scott Porter from “Friday Night Lights” fame, Kona’s Korner Productions captured all of the details in high-definition (HD). Employing multiple camera angles to direct interviews, Kona orchestrated a full production to maximize exposure of developers, celebrities, and gameplay alike for a LIVE online audience. The end result was a fully directed and professionally edited product ready for viewing, yielding the highest level of exposure.

E3 is only once a year and, for some developers, companies, and entrepreneurs, it is the defining moment of showcasing a product or service for the first time. This is why companies need a strong medium to present their latest achievements to the public through LIVE streaming and high quality interviews. 2K Games received in excess of 180,000 views (unique users), more than three times the number of attendees at E3, thanks to Kona’s Korner Productions. Let Kona and his team of professionals elevate the level of publicity for your next major announcement and exponentially increase viewership to help boost your company’s success.